& ON
live at Teatro dos Arcos - São Paulo, november 2018
light LABLUXZ_
Trackers - São Paulo, march 2019
live at La Cucaracha - São Paulo 2017
Kupalua & Teta Lírica live at Noshade party - Maze Berlin april 2019
Music video by KupaTeta duo (Kupalua & Teta Lírica) dezember 2018 - Chapada Diamantina - Bahia, Brasil
Music video by KupaTeta duo - Berlin july 2018
live at Trackers - São Paulo march 2019
I have been listening to voices

I have been listening to voices inside my pussy

They scream in the night

They just wanna be heard

They mean something that was lost in time

Something that also screams inside of you

Something that is everywhere but nobody sees
“Kupalua is always in transit. There’s no trace of morals or frontier. It’s simultaneously extra-terrestrial and earthly-physical-corporeal. Travels from the interior of the pussy to outer space in the speed of light. There’s no separation between nature-culture or body-cosmos. What is root and what is synthetic. Rooster, frog, rain, melodic voice, synthesizers, microphones and processors. The body’s construction as prosthetics and light depict the sonorous landscape. Laser prothesis are making contact with us and with outer-space while every matter flows through timbers that leaves us given over to estrangement. I don’t know where I am when I listen/see Kupalua, if I’m under water or if I’m suspended, weightless, timeless, without story, without clothes. It’s a journey completely inside of sound waves.”
by Julia Rocha
live at Trial & Error - Berlin 14 jul 2018
light Labluxz
tits protesis by Caroline Barrueco
mirror head by Paulo Scharlach
photos: Marina Faé, Vitória Clementina, Boris Eldagsen e Sabine Taeubner
live at live at Mash-Up multigender multiworld party september 7th 2018 - Berlin
photos by Tonina
Fusion Festival jun 2018 - Karla Kutter stage
Kaloan especial participation playing wii midi controlers, sound through movement
light Labluxz_

Explosão clitoriana - music video 2017
Fusion Festival

Why is Miss Universe always from Earth? - live at Teatro dos Arcos
video by Enantios Dromos
Explosão clitoriana -music video - 2017
flyers - 2017
Souk Machine with Tina Scharlatina - Paris 2018



Der Riss gallery

26.6.19 Berlin

Freefall - Music video by Kupalua in colaboration with Aun Helden and Ectocorp
Kupalua and Progressive Genitalia at Athens Queer Performance festival, october 2019
Athens Queer Performance festival, Greece october 2019
Kupalua live at Night Embassy, september 2019
Kupalua live at Night Embassy - Berlin, september 2019
Trackers - São Paulo, march 2019